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CMC Acquired Actavis (Foshan) .

On Jan.,22,2014, CMC signed the Acquisition Agreement with Actavis pl. in Hongkong, and became the controlling shareholder of Actavis (Foshan). Recently, CMC completely finished the takeover of Actavis (Foshan).
After 15 years’ continuous growth and development, CMC is gradually expanding the business area, and this acquisition program is an important strategic deployment. In order to meet the needs of rapid development under the new situation, raise the competition power of the enterprise and enhance the brand visibility, CMC extends the business area from APIs to final products. It must be a powerful combination of CMC and Actavis (Foshan) and will complement each other from taking advantage of technological superiority and managerial experiences of CMC and combining the research &development, manufacturing and marketing of Actavis (Foshan). After this acquisition, CMC will become an integrated pharmaceutical enterprise across areas of APIs and final products.
Actavis plc (NYSE: ACT) is a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company focused on pharmaceuticals developing, manufacturing and distributing. Actavis is a leading pharmaceutical group ranked first 50 in worldwide pharmaceutical industry, and third in global generic field with the headquarter located in Jersey, USA. Actavis develops its business in over 60 countries or regions, selling more than 1000 kinds of products, and also has over 600 kinds of products being developed or registered at present.
Actavis (Foshan) is the production, sales & marketing and R&D base in China for Actavis Group. The earliest predecessor of Actavis (Foshan) is the Foshan pharmaceutical plant, which was founded in 1960, and acquired by FH Faulding from Australia later, then by Alpharma from USA. Actavis (Foshan) became part of Actavis group in late 2005 with the formal name of Actavis (Foshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd  

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